There is a part of human beings that died before to die in reality. They are women or men drop out of the economic system in their countries. They lost their work, after their partner and, at last, their home. In Colombia calling them “desplazados”, campesinos (You found them  as they stand like an object in many places , streets, squaresin a lot  of metropolis or town of the world. Now we call this event the effect of the globalization of the economy. In every age we found this kind of person that povetry had deprived of their life before of the natural end. They are ‘sleepers’, men and women that  are live but seem that they sleep.
Collateral effect of the war against guerrilla and narco-trafic in Colombia is that  a lot of farmers  lost their land and their families escape out their countries. They are called “desplazados” (farmers without land) and take refuge in the town where they look for a work, but the crisis and overpopulation of the “slums” make it very difficult. So after some weeks, despite the little State aid, they begin to use alcool or glues to knock out themselfs and they lost their dignity and start to live on the road. As ghosts, as monuments, bodies without future they stands on the streets in the places of the city till they bacome invisibles.



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